Welcome to Carl's Page My Story
During the Spring, Summer, and fall I spend as much time as possible in the mountains. I moved to Calgary in 1974 from Vancouver BC and have no desire
to move back - way to many people and no rugged mountains to roam (and it rains constantly in Vancouver!!) besides - I always had a bit of that "cowboy
streak" that doesn't fit into the big city lifestyle. The picture in camo on top of a mountain was taken October 2008 in the North Burnt Timber area.
I also enjoy working with
computers, gardening, canning,
making jams and jellies,
cooking, woodworking and now
have a new hobby - I bought a
house in Oct 2007 that is a bit
of a fixer-upper. I have got
some gardens in now and am
renovating the kitchen and
bathroom. I drive a 4X4 that so
far has got me back out of
where I go into.
As a child. I was a loner and had difficulty making friends, therefore I spent a lot of time out in the woods alone. We lived in areas that were away from
towns or cities until I was almost 13. At that time my family moved to Vancouver BC. With a population of around 1 million. The community I came from
had about 15 houses and we were 22 miles from the nearest city. Culture shock was extreme, and I had no knowledge of who were the "good crowd and
the bad crowd". I began to hang out with a group of kids who were borderline, and sneak away for a smoke etc.

School was boring since I could finish the work in a few minutes and never had any homework to do. At the age of 16 I decided to quit school since the
world seemed to have so much to offer. I drifted for several years, until at the age of 24 I decided to quit the street life and moved to Calgary. I went
through several different types of jobs starting by being a waiter in bars, to truck driving, and then went into Insurance sales in 1983. After 6 years of
Insurance I decided to return to College (my goal was to go into management) and get a business diploma. While in College I discovered that I enjoyed
Accounting so instead pursued the CMA accounting designation when I graduated. I am now a self-employed accountant and enjoy the freedom that being
self employed offers.
I got married in 1977 (divorced in 1998) and the end result of that is I have 3 children who are now grown and moved out on their own (crystal, carrie, and
caleb). Life around home was quite hectic at times while they were growing up! Now Carrie is expecting her third child and I'm going to be a grandpa again
:) (gonna spoil that kid!) A whole new experience to enjoy in life.
These were my former pets :) Ariel (the terrorist) and Prince (the goof) Prince
was put down a few years ago due to leg injuries and Ariel went out one day
in the summer of 2001 and never returned. Carrie now had Kovu (Siberian
Husky) since she is a runner and Siberian Huskies need to run!
Tommy (son in law), Carrie, Jenny (niece), Caleb and Crystal

This Picture was taken in the summer of 2001.
Kovu - registered pure bred siberian husky - I was not informed when I got him but siberians are
known escape artist and love to roam. He is a beautiful dog but has cost about $1,500 in bail, jail
and vet costs (porcupine quills) He now belongs to my daughter Carrie - she is a runner and he
loves it.
These pictures are taken of me at my favourite hobby - being out in the mountains.- Hunting, Horseback trips and Hiking with Friends.