In the summer of 2002 I joined an outdoor adventure group sponsored by (but open to anyone) Westside Kings Church (WKC). This group Westside
Adventure Group (W A G - An inter-church sports and recreation group of adults who love to be active and explore God's beautiful mountains) is
designed for adults age 25 and up who wish to enjoy outdoor and other social activities with people of similar interests. Information on upcoming events
can be obtained by email from Pam Ryan at
pryan1@telus.net who will add you to the email list for updates upon request. Most outdoor events will start
at the Westside Kings Church parking lot found at 3939 69 St. S.W. (located by West Hills off of Hwy 8 that goes out to Bragg Creek). When you turn
onto Hwy 8 from either Glenmore Tr or Sarcee Tr, at the first light turn right, then take the next right, WKC is on the left hand side! You won't miss it ...
it will be the only building you will see!

As many adults today are single parents children may be welcome on some of the activites. Parents should verify with the activity leader as to the
suitability of the event for children and also to be sure the children will be able to manage the activity.
Rawson Lake is a relatively easy day hike suitable for all ages with a distance to the lake of 3.9 km and elevation gain of 305 meters. To get to the lake
you drive west of Calgary on highway one to the Kananaskis turn off (Highway 40). Then follow highway 40 to the Kananaskis Lakes turn off. Follow
the road as it winds past the Lower Kananaskis Lakes to the Upper Lakes Parking area. The trail head is at the south west end of the Upper Kananaskis
Lakes parking lot which offers a superb view of the Upper Kananaskis Lake looking North. Because of the beauty of the area and easy accessibility we
chose to do the Rawson Lake hike twice. The following pictures are taken from both trips.
Looking North from the Upper Kananaskis Lakes Parking Lot
The trail follows the west shore for approximately 1 km. Just west of the Sarrail Creek Falls the trail forks with the Rawlston Lake trail taking the left
branch. The climb zigzags up the hill to Rawlston Lake through an old forest. When you reach the lake there is an incredible view of the peaks
            Sarrail Creek Waterfalls                                     Rawson Lake from the East End                                   Trail to the End of the Lake
Once at the lake there is a trail following the south east shoreline along the lakeshore. There are many places to sit and enjoy the views, or you can
continue along the shoreline following a small trail to the west end of the lake where there are many meadows to relax in and enjoy lunch.
          Snacking on the South East Shore                                  Lakeside looking North                                   Lunch at the West End of the Lake   
For those who are
more ambitious there is
a trail up the ridges to
the south and north.
The north ridge offers a
spectacular view of the
Upper Kananaskis
Lake, and is quite a
scramble with an
additional 365 meters
elevation gain. As we
enjoyed lunch we were
able to watch people
climbing the ridge.
              Relaxing for a group photo  
             Looking East across the Lake back to the trail
We then returned down the mountain to the Upper Kananaskis Lakes and
decided to continue around the Upper Kananaskis Lake to the Kananskis
                    Ridge to the North