Rummel Lake Trail
To get to the Rummel Lake trailhead you drive south on highway 40 to the turnoff to the kananaskis lakes, and then go north on
the Smith-Dorien Trail. When you reach the turn off to Mount Engadine Lodge you park either on the side of the road, or across
the road in the access to the lodge. Driving time from Calgary is approximately 1.5 hours on mostly paved highways. Distance to
the lake is 5km with an elevation gain of 350m. This is a relatively easy hike and took us about 4 hours including lots of time for
photos and lunch.
As we hiked up the trail we went through a cut block and then back into the trees. Higher up we came around a corner into an old avalanche slope
and saw a grizzly bear feeding about 50 feet away from us. He looked at us briefly and then resumed feeding. We took a couple of quick pictures
and then moved on up the trail.
As we followed the creek the views kept changing until we came into the open basin and the lakeshore. We hiked around the lake to the far end
and had lunch on the shore overlooking the lake. Afterwards we went a bit further towards rummel pass before we turned around and headed
down. The way down we took a different trail to make sure we didn't run into the grizzly again.