Hiking the Alberta Rockies - Hidden Lake
Drive west of Calgary to Highway 40 (kananaskis trail) and travel
south to the Kananaskis Lakes turn off. Follow the highway all the
way around the Lower Kananaskis Lake to the Upper Lake. Turn
left into the west parking lot of the Upper Kananaskis Lakes and
drive as far in as possible. The trail head is at the end of the last
parking lot.  Follow the trail around the upper lake to until you come to a dry
creek bed in a bit of a hollow (the main trail turns to the east here). There is no
marker for the trail, but it is easily found. Follow the trail westward about 1 km to
the lake. The trail is rough climbing over fallen trees etc but isnt difficult. To
access the lake shore you will be climbing thru about 100 feet of fallen timber that
has washed up on the shore. Once thru this the lake shore area is grassy and
Some of us continued on around the lake to the north west corner where a creek
spilled into the lake. The falls were beautiful and the creek actually went under
snow slides that were still there (in August).
A few of us scrambled up thru the brush, deadfall and trees to get above the creek and then followed the cliff back along to the edge of the waterfall