Hiking The Alberta Rockies - The Upper Lakes Trail to the Lower Kananaskis Falls
The Upper Lakes parking lot at the south west end of the lake is where we started from. When we got down from Rawson Lake we
decided to continue on around the Upper Lake for a ways. There are several different hikes available at this point so we chose to only go
as far as the Falls. The distance is approximately 8 km from the parking lot to the falls. Hidden lake is also accessed from this trail.
As we walked along the lake shore we found areas that were completely under canopy's of old growth trees, areas of old slides completely overgrown now
and a few rock slides the trail scrambled through. The trail is relatively flat with very little elevation gain.
                                                  The Lower Kananaskis Falls                                             
Taken from the west shore of the Upper Kananaskis Lake on August 10, 2002