The YaHa Tinda Valley (mountain prairie in Stoney) is found in the eastern slopes of the Alberta Rockies west of Sundry. To get there
you to Olds on highway 2 and then west thru Sundre. Once you are past Sundre watch for the Old Coal Camp Road. Turn left and
follow the highway to the end. At the forestry trunk road turn left until you come to a turn that crosses the river. Instead of turning go
straight thru. Once on this road make sure you always take the left fork of the road. Once past a couple of junctions there are no more
possible turns unless you choose to 4X4 it. You will follow the Red Deer River thru its canyon until the valley opens again.
Once in the valley proper there will be warnings that you are in a restricted area for weapons. There is a 1/4 mile sanctuary for animals on both sides
of the roadway to protect them. Go thru the gates for the ranch and follow the road to Big Horn Creek. The campground is on the left side and is quite
ways. From the camp ground there are many activities available such as hikes, horseback riding, mountain biking, scrambles, river rafting etc. The
along the valley it looks like a wide open prairie - flat and grassy. Then you come
over a small rise and the falls drop a couple hundred feet. The pool below the falls
is clear and clean - great for swimming in. There is also an old road that follows Big
Big Horn Falls is located about a km north of the campground. As you are walking
Horn Creek northwards for miles. It would make a fairly easy hike elevation wise and
you could choose how long to make it for distance. There is so much to see tho that
it is hard to turn back.
free all winter. The valley is full of elk, moose, deer, big horn
sheep, wolves and a multitude of other wildlife. I have even
The following pictures give an idea of the grandeur of the
valley - pictures can not even come close to the reality of it tho.